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  • Hybrid Bus GTQ6107HESGThe hybrid bus is available with up to 34 plastic city bus seats for passengers. The length, width and height of the bus are 10470mm, 2500mm and 3140mm, respectively. This bus uses the KAM-280HF driving motor whose rated power is 75 kw, and it is designed with an energy storage device which reduces the consumption of energy and improves the energy utilization rate.
  • Hybrid Bus GTQ6117HEWGThe number of passenger seats this bus offers ranges from 24 to 41. The length, width and height of the hybrid bus are 11480mm, 2500mm and 3140mm, respectively. It is equipped with a Weichai WP4.165 engine which has a maximal power of 165ps/2300rpm to assure excellent performance. With a 30000kcal/h air conditioner, ...

1. Zhuhai Guangtong Automobile Company Ltd. is committed to utilizing the latest innovative advances in the fields of new energy and technology. We produced the hybrid-electric bus in 2008, which employs the most advanced Nanjing Iveco diesel engine SOFIM8140.43 N. The engine uses technologies including CRDI (Common Rail Direct Injection), VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine) and after-cooling technology. The maximum horse power and torque of this hybrid bus are respectively 107Kw and 320N.m. Equipped with a 3-phase alternator, it can be categorized as a PSHEV (Parallel-Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle). The hybrid bus utilizes a no-gear speed control system including the start/ stop system and braking energy recovering system. Its maximum speed is 85km/h.
2. This vehicle is an eleven-meter hybrid-electric bus which has won the Lowest Fuel Consumption Award.
3. The Bibendum Challenge is the largest international competition of safe and environmentally friendly buses, of which the main purpose is to test the exhaust standard, efficiency of energy use, noise level and noise control of the vehicle, among other features.
4. Our hybrid bus took part in the Bibendum Challenge held in Shanghai in 2007, and won First Place in Fuel Saving for its lowest fuel consumption of 19L/100 km in the hybrid bus group. It also won the Lowest Noise Level Prize in the group.

Guangtong is a professional hybrid bus manufacturer in China. In addition to our hybrid bus, we also provide an electric bus, ambulance, luxury express bus, CNG bus, tour coach, city bus, and more. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us!

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