Electric Bus

Electric Bus

The electric bus GTQ6117BEVB, developed by Zhuhai Guangtong Automobile Company Ltd., is an excellent vehicle in the field of new energy and new power. This electric bus uses many international advanced technologies and is 11.5m in length. It follows the design concept of "people oriented, safety first, efficiency maximized". The vehicle has the advantages of zero emission, no pollution, stable and safe operation.

1. Fashionable appearance and practical applicability

Its overall appearance design gives people an energetic feeling and further follows the fashion trend in city. The wide front windshield and the rearview mirror greatly widen the driver's view. The front, rear and side electric bus route panel clearly shows the route of the vehicle. The inner space featuring maximization design has good sound-proofing and heat-proofing effect.
2. Long driving range
Using the Li-ion batteries featuring large capacity and high security, the electric bus makes its driving range more than 250km. Its cost is less than one third that of similar petrol vehicles.
3. Fast and intelligent charging
Its highly intelligent charger can automatically and constantly output the charging current. The electric bus can be 100% charged in four hours and can drive for 100km after being charged for one hour. Our vehicle has an intelligence control system which has the functions of DC output short circuit protection, battery overvoltage and overheat protection, etc.
4. Information display unit
The color LCD monitor is used to observe the information about the battery. The monitor is small and exquisite, has beautiful shape and complete data, for you to read the electric quantity of battery and know the information about a single battery at any time. It has a failure display function and more.
5. Stable electric motor and energy saving electric air conditioner
The effective energy conversion rate of electric motor can be over 98%. The motor has stable performance, sound accelerating ability and only takes 18 seconds to enable the electric bus to drive at the speed of 50km/h after starting. The battery can be charged during the deceleration process. The installed electric air conditioner has the advantages of powerful refrigeration and ventilation ability, which can save more than one third energy compared to the original air conditioner. It can lower the operating cost and lengthen the driving range of the electric bus.
6. Electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS)
The electric bus uses the ECAS system to realize the height adjustment of the vehicle and many other functions. The vehicle can be equipped with a pedal for the disabled to facilitate them getting on and off the bus.
7. Aluminum body skin
The aluminum body skin can be used to further smooth the vehicle body, prevent the bus from rusting and increase its service life.

Parameters of Electric Bus

Electric Bus GTQ6117BEVB
Main Parameters
Length×Width×Height 11480X2500X3140 mm (with A/C)
Wheel base 6200 mm
F./R. overhang 2580/2700 mm
Max. speed 85 km/h
Seats 80/24-41 pcs
Chassis Option
Frame One stepping at the front and middle districts, height (no-loading) ≤320+20mm, height (kneeling)<250+20mm
Driving motor KAM280F650, efficient dual-winding three-phase asynchronous AC motor, rated 65KW/ peak 130KW, the maximum torque 2000N.m.
Motor controller Rated power: 65kw/ max. power: 130kw, vector control.
Driving battery LiFePO4 driving battery, 346V/400AH (3.2v 200ah, 216pcs), with battery management system and heat preservation battery case. 346V 600Ah
Front axle/rear axle Front axle: Dongfeng Dana, disc brake. Rear axle: Dongfeng Dana, speed ratio 6.83. ZF axle
Steering system Integrated power steering
Brake system Driving brake: dual-circuit pneumatic brake. Parking brake: storage spring parking brake. ABS, ASR, EBS
Suspension Air suspension F.2/R.4, Kneeling system with ECAS.
Tire 275/70R22.5, 6+1, Aluminum alloy wheels boss Michelin
Others Centralized lubrication system
Body Option
Side covering skin Imported electrolytic plate
Side window Fully sealed except the driver's window is sliding Double course glass
Air conditioner 30000kcal/h Heating system
Passenger door Pneumatic in-ward swing door, front double, rear double.
Interior decoration Luxury soft inner decoration, handrail Hand ring
Passenger seats 34pcs plastic city bus seats 24~40pcs
Audio/video system MP3 player HD media player and LCD, or DVD player and LCD
Others Route light-board, reverse monitor Electronic display board, coin box, stop teller

Guangtong is an electric bus manufacturer in China. We offer a vast range of products that includes our city bus, CNG bus, ambulance, tour coach, hybrid bus, luxury coach, and others. If you would like more information on any of our products, we welcome you to contact us at any time!

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