Tour Coach

Tour Coach

1. Our tour coach GTQ6851E3B3 has a huge, 3.4 cubic meter, interconnected luggage compartment.
2. Its comfortable aircraft seats, floor-type super-wide glass windows and sky blue interior with curtains, as well as luxury interior luggage rack, form the beautiful, elegant and generous layout of the inside space.
3. The tour coach is equipped with a luxurious and durable walnut instrument desk and assistant workbench.
4. This newly developed tour coach uses an engine made by Yucai Group that meets the European II-ⅳemission standards, assuring fuel savings and reliable performance. The entire vehicle creates an atmosphere of generosity. The full-view front windshield, headlamp across the front, and the electric rabbit-ear-shaped side mirror make the front wall appear sleek and powerful.
5. The tail lights and the high level brake light create a vivid and generous atmosphere for the rear wall. The tour coach has a luxury aircraft seat with a high backrest, which can be adjusted forward and backward and reclined. Other features include soft upholstery, full air conditioning, reading lamps, and imported antiskid and wear-resisting PVC floor covering that looks beautiful.
6. We developed a high quality, individualized overhead air conditioner which provides excellent performance in maintaining the perfect temperature for the inside of the coach at all times.

Parameters of Tour Coach GTQ6851E3B3

Main Parameters
Length×Width×Height 8530X2450X3340 mm (with A/C)
Wheel base 4000 mm
F./R. overhang 1930/2600 mm
Max. speed 115 km/h
Seats 33+1+1 pcs (24~37pcs)
Chassis Option
Engine model YC4G180-30 YC6J200-30 YC4G200-30
Max. power 180ps/2300rpm 200/2500 200/2200
Max. torque 660N.m/1400rpm 730/1200~1700 750/1300~1500
Fuel type Diesel oil
Transmission CA6-85, 6 forward gears, flexible shaft control QJ805, 5 forward gears
Clutch φ380mm, single dry plate, diaphragm spring
Steering system Left hand drive, power steering Right hand drive
Brake system Drum service brake, storage spring parking brake ABS, automatic brake adjuster
Suspension system Leaf spring, front 3 and rear 3 Composite suspension
Tire 8.250R20 9R22.5
Fuel tank capacity 170L
Body Option
Side covering skin Imported electrolytic plate Aluminum alloy plate
Side window Fully sealed except the driver's window is sliding Double course glass
Air conditioner 20000kcal/h Heating system
Door Single pneumatic outward swing door Emergency door
Interior decoration Luxury soft inner decoration, luggage rack
Passenger seats 33pcs, 2+2 seat display, width: 420mm, high backrest and adjustable seat 3+2 seat display, width: 380mm.
Audio/video system MP3 player HD media player or DVD player and LCD
Others Defrosting device, folding curtain, electronic horn and air horn, safety hammers, fire extinguisher, auto fire extinguisher in engine compartment, inner rear view mirror and quartz clock Water fountain, reverse monitor

Guangtong is a professional tour coach manufacturer, based in China. We produce a wide range of products that includes the hybrid bus, CNG bus, electric bus, ambulance, city bus, and more. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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