Luxury Coach, Luxury Express Bus

Luxury Coach, Luxury Express Bus

Technical information
This luxury express bus is designed with 51 seats for passengers. The overall dimensions of the luxury coach are 12000mm, 2550mm and 3775mm. It utilizes a left hand drive system and power steering to ensure safe and easy operation for the driver. Of course, you can also choose the right hand drive system. This luxury coach uses diesel oil, and the YC6L330-30 WP10.336N or Daewoo DL08 P11C-UH engine are available.

Main Parameters
Length×Width×Height 12000X2550X3775 mm (with A/C)
Wheel base 6250 mm
F./R. overhang 2300/2450 mm
Max. speed 120 km/h
Seats 51+1+1 pcs (24~55pcs)
Chassis Option
Engine model YC6L330-30 WP10.336N Daewoo DL08 P11C-UH
Max. power 330ps/2200rpm, 336ps/1900rpm 320ps/2200rpm, 326ps/2100rpm
Max. torque 1280N.m/1400rpm, 1500N.m/
1342N.m/1200rpm, 1420N.m/1100rpm
Fuel type Diesel oil
Transmission S6-150, ZF technology, 6 forward gears,
flexible shaft control

Clutch φ430mm, diaphragm spring
Steering system Left hand drive, power steering Right hand drive
Brake system Drum service brake, storage spring parking
brake. Automatic brake adjuster, ABS, retarder
Front axle disc brake, ASR
Suspension system Air suspension, F.2/R.4
Tire 12R22.5
Fuel tank capacity 400L
Centralized lubrication system, CAN
Body Option
Side covering skin Imported electrolytic plate Aluminum alloy plate
Side window Fully sealed except the driver's
window is sliding
Double course glass
Air conditioner 30000kcal/h Heating system
Door Single pneumatic outward swing door Middle door, emergency door
Interior decoration Luxury soft inner decoration, luggage rack
Passenger seats 51pcs, 2+2 seat display, width: 440mm,
high backrest and adjustable seat
3+2 seat display, width: 380mm.
Audio/video system HD media player and LCD DVD player and LCD
Water fountain, reverse monitor and toilet

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